Our Services & Doctors in Vale do Lobo

Medical Centre:

Thomas Kaiser - General Practitioner & Director


Dra. Heleen Kampfraath - General Practitioner (clinics Tuesday & Friday mornings)

Prof. Jose Baptista - Cardiologist

Dr. Holger Duesmann - Gynaecologist

Dr. Alen Sulzbacher - Ophthalmologist

Dra. Dina Martins - Dentist

Karen Morgan - Midwife

Dr. Pedro Larisma - Psychiatrist

Chris Thomas - Counsellor

Dra. Marisa Botma - Ear Nose & Throat Specialist (ENT)

Visiting Consultant:

Nigel Carver - Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon from UK

Dra. Shirin Samimi-Fard - Dermatologist


Karen Morgan

Practice Manager:

Julie Henderson

... and the following services we are providing as well:

House visits & call outs


Stress test

24hr Blood pressure Test - MAPA

24hr Holter

Medical Health check-ups

Blood tests, incl. INR

Filler & Botox treatments

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