Health Check-ups


Health checks can be done in many different ways

We aim to provide a health screen relevant to your particular age & sex while trying to avoid unnecessary tests and expenses.

Who needs a health screen?

Illness, unfortunately does not choose age or gender and so anyone can benefit from the positive action and peace of mind of a health screen.

As certain diseases are more common at certain ages these will be targeted during your screen.

If I wish to book a health screen what do I do?

Please call T. 289 398009 or 289 353433 to make your appointment.

Karen, our practice nurse is available on a Monday and Tuesday morning. What we do ask, is that when you have a date and a time that you eat or drink nothing from midnight except water so Karen can take blood samples immediately.

We have a Health Check Form for you will fill in with care. If you have any special wishes such as a total body scan or a very detailed blood test, please let us know.

We can help you best if we know as much as possible about your individual lifestle, your profession, nutrition,exercise,and stress factors.

Another crucial part is your family medical history, based on the information you give us we will suggest tests and examinations and organise them in the most convenient way for you.

When all the tests are done and the results are ready, then you will sit down with Dr Kaiser and discuss them in detail.

The most important part of your check-up is the Health Action Plan which you will later receive in writing together with all your results.

In this action plan Dr Kaiser will outline how to improve your health and through being pro-active reduce risks. If necessary there will be certain precise goals and aims outlined.

We are very keen to help you achieving your individual health goals with out whole team. We have a very important new member to our team, Doreen Zander is our fully qualified nutritionist.

What types of tests are included in a health screen:

  • Height/weight measurements and body mass index
  • General examination including blood pressure & pulse
  • Spirometry (measurement of lung function)
  • ECG (electrical tracing of the heart)
  • Urine analysis
  • Basic blood tests to help detect diabetes and to measure kidney, liver, thyroid and cholesterol levels

The following can be added to your list:

  • Stress test (electrical tracing of the heart during exercise)
  • Abdominal examination including ultrasound
  • Mammogram
  • Chest x-ray
  • Bone density
  • Gynaecological examination including smear and pelvic scan
  • Eye testing
  • Breast/testicular (including instruction on self examination)
  • Referral to a specialist
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