Nutritionist at The Family Medical Centre

Nutritionist at The Family Medical Centre - Family Medical Centre
Sara Almeida

Our in house Nutritionist Sara Almedia is he heart of a patient’s health by using her knowledge of the science of food to help individuals and groups make the right choices about what they eat. Sara can help people create eating plans that are realistic, sustainable, and healthy.


Instead of recommending crash diets, detoxes, or quick fixes, Sara will teach new ways to eat and understand food. Plus, work with each client individually to create plans specifically for their situation.


Manage a chronic disease, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or gout (a type of arthritis). You’ll learn how your food choices can affect your health condition. and if required shed unwanted pounds.


Screening, evaluation and nutritional diagnosis. Body composition test with bioimpedance scale. Are all part of the process that Sara will take with you.


Book an appointment with Nutritionist Sara Almeida by calling the FMC reservations team.


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